Spirituality Defined

By Carl Rose

(These are my ideas inspired from a workshop at the CUC Annual Meeting in Peterborough in the 1980¹s and as I read them today in 2003 they still seem applicable.)

SPIRITUALITY is the sense of awe with which one experiences the universe beyond oneself. It¹s an inner voice and an inner harmony. It¹s often a shared experience with other people using nonverbal communication.

for example

  • the uniform quiet reflection of visitors to the Terry Fox Monument.
  • the feelings experienced at Remembrance Day, memorial services or funerals. (Think of Princess Diana's).
  • the shared sense of wonder in a Canyon in the Arizona wilderness with a group of Elder hostellers as we stopped for moments of silence and listening followed by a moving poem recited by one of the leaders.

These types of experiences and many like them create a sense of oneness or a loss of ego to a group experience.

It need not be this profound; it could simply be the feeling of peace with the world one sometimes gets from hearing birds singing on a beautiful spring morning, or working in one¹s garden. I often feel this way, out alone in the bush either hiking or skiing, away from civilization. It¹s also very spiritual for me to sit on rocks beside Lake Superior or to sail across its waters.

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