Who We Are

The Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship (L.U.F.) has met continuously since 1958. Its format and locale have undergone many changes, but it remains a focal point for those exploring ways toward personal growth and social justice. In 1984 the Fellowship acquired its own meeting place, Unitarian House. Its officers are elected annually, and all the Fellowship's activities are conducted by lay volunteers and members of the community.




Unitarian Universalism is a religion that is like a house with many rooms. We are a diverse group of people who celebrate our faith in many ways. We are Christians, Post-christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Theists, Non-theists, Humanist-agnostics, and Atheists. Many of us have a variety of interests and may spend time in the Buddhist room, the Pagan room, or the music room. Sometimes we may wander back to the room of our heritages: Christian, Jewish, or Moslem. Eventually, whether at the end of the day, or whenever the time is right, we may find ourselves in the room that is most comfortable to us, that feels most true to our souls and satisfies our personal spiritual needs.

In the "common" room, or perhaps "living" room, we meet with our minds and hearts to affirm the seven principles and purposes that are so generic, so obviously true for all of us in our religious home, that diversity blends into unity. In this "living" room these principles of Unitarian Universalism are standards that we try to meet for ourselves every day, in every room, and especially as we go out of our religious home into the world.

Unitarian Universalists are social workers, office workers, managers, medical practitioners, artists, artisans, and musicians. We are employed in every area of life. We are unemployed. We are people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. We are single and partnered. We are mothers, fathers, children, and friends.

Adapted from service opening Words 
written by Jean Armstrong

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