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Upcoming Sunday Services

You are welcome to join us in our regular gatherings on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM. 
Date: Sept 27, 2015
Title: religion, what religion? - Fred Upshaw
Service Leader: Trudi Jones
Date: Oct 4, 2015
Title: "The Problem with Plastics" - Lucy Lavoie
Service Leader: Susan Tiura
Date: Oct 11, 2015
Title: "Reverence/Gratitude /Generosity/Wonder - thanks & praise [U.N. Sunday]" - the Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
"I’m not sure exactly when I first heard about the United Nations. I guess I was in the fourth grade. I was nine years old, and Mr. Jaworski was our teacher, my first male teacher. Mr. Jaworski provided us with a window on the great wide world.  The United Nations was that kind of window. Let us talk about the UN, its mission and ours." 
Service Leader: Shirley Brougham
Date: Oct 17, 2015
Title: "Having Dominion Over Creation?" The church's blind spot - the Rev. Hugh Macdonald
Hugh is prepared to speak about our relationbship with animals and the unnamed cruelty which is perpetrated.
Service Leader: Ed Prinselaar
Date: Oct 25, 2015
Title: "Honouring Our Ancestors" - We have all been shaped to some degree by our ancestors. We may have inherited talents and tendencies or been affected by their circumstances and the choices that they made. Whether we embrace them or vow to be different, they are part of our whole experience. At Hallowe’en/ Samhain,  we remember those who came before.
Service Leaders: Members of the NuuMoon Pagan Group

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