Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship is a nurturing, caring community that embraces diversity; explores spiritual, religious, ecological and humanist values; and enriches the lives of members, friends and society at large.


Meet Our Part-Time Minister

We're so happy to have the Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk with us this year. Suzanne has been joining us on a part-time basis approximately once a month since 2011. For more on Suzanne, her plans, her past sermons ...  More ->

Unitarian Universalist Membership?

Want to learn about UUism and LUF membership? More ->

Important Alzheimers research by son of LUF couple

"Numbers game: what our frailty score might say about demetia risk" -  Could mathematical models tracking our aging bodies’ creaks, cracks and breakdowns shed light on our Alzheimer’s risk? That’s what Jean and Richard's son Joshua Armstrong is trying to find out.

Upcoming Sunday Services

You are welcome to join us in our regular gatherings on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM.
Date: Dec 21 - "The Gift" Holiday Service
Service Leaders: Hanusia Tkaczyk and Susan Tiura
Featuring the LUF Choir - And after the service ...
As Dec. 21 will be our Christmas service, we will celebrate the season with a potluck lunch following the service. Finger food is the order of the day with a seasonal flair, such as: whatever appeals to you for a Christmas/Solstice/holiday mood. Everyone welcome to bring something to share in the festivities.
Date: Dec 25 - Thursday - join us for coffee and fellowship at 10:30 - contact Del Dickey for details or to assist with refreshments
Date: Dec 28 - The church will be open for coffee and fellowship - hosted by The Great White pod
Date: Jan 4 - "The Potters of Unitarianism"
Thomas Potter was an illiterate farmer who invited John Murray to preach the universalist gospel in the chapel he had built. Beatrix Potter was born into a rich British Unitarian family and is best known for her children’s books. And Harry Potter, with no known religious affiliation, is a fictional character who has wizardly powers. How do these three people demonstrate UU principles in their lives ?
Speaker: the Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
Service Leader: t.b.a.
Date: Jan 11 - "Starting the Year Well: Reconnecting With Our Principles" -  members of the congregation  will share  how one of our UU principles is important and how they try to act on it in the world.
Service Leader: t.b.a.
Date: Jan 18 - t.b.a.
Date: Jan 25 - "The Blessings of Imperfection: On Being Good Enough." It’s a new year, and many of us our trying to correct our flaws, be better people, strive for perfection.  Some of us see ourselves as perfectionists.  But, is perfection what we need?  Or do we really need someone, something, that’s good enough?
Speaker: the Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
Service Leader: t.b.a.

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